chakresh singh
I work in the field of Complex Networks. I am also interested in problems related to non-linear dynamics, Agent-Based Modelling of complex systems and recently I have a newfound interest in looking for Machine Learning applications in the field of Network Science.
chakresh's Bio

I completed my Masters in Physics in 2014 (IIT-Kanpur) and am currently finalizing my PhD. thesis submission. During my doctoral thesis I used networks based approach to understand the structure and dynamics of collaboration between Indian researchers. The data was extracted for a period between 1919-2013 from publications by Indians in American Physical Society (APS) journals.

At CRI, I will be working with Marc Santolini and Liubov Tupikina. We will be using large scale data sets and physics inspired approaches to understand innovation and collaboration in science and technology.

I was born and brought up in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh – one of the northern states in India. Apart from academics, sports have been a major part of my life all along. The first sport I learnt was Field Hockey. Cricket, Basketball and Volleyball are my other favorite sports. I am also a big time foodie (I feel if I was ever under interrogation good food would be my weakness :blush:). Watching Movies, Travelling, Playing Board Games and Running are other activities I am interested in with a recent attempt to learn cooking (so far I have managed to learn one Indian dessert – “Rabri” :yum:).