robert e. page, jr.
Scientific advisory board member
Robert's Bio

Robert E. Page, Jr.

Arizona State University Provost Emeritus, and Regents Professor

Chair and Professor Emeritus at the University of California-Davis

External Professor, Santa Fe Institute

Robert E. Page, Jr. is one of the foremost honey bee geneticists in the world, his work on the self-organizing regulatory networks of honey bees has been outlined in his book, “The Spirit of the Hive: The Mechanisms of Social Evolution,” published by Harvard University Press in 2013.

Dr. Page joined ASU in 2004 after spending 15 years on the faculty of the University of California Davis where he served as Chair of Entomology from 1999-2004. He was the Vice Provost and Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (2011-2013) and the Founding Director of the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University (2004-2011). During this period he forged a platform to accelerate ASU’s transdisciplinary collaboration in the U.S. and Europe, advance educational reform, and jumpstart cutting-edge “virtual” learning formats. He also established ASU’s Honey Bee Research Facility. His background is in behavior and population genetics and the focus of his current research is on the evolution of complex social behavior. Using the honey bee as a model, Dr. Page has dissected their complex foraging division of labor at all levels of biological organization from gene networks to complex social interactions.

Dr. Page has published more than 230 research papers and articles, 5 books, and is listed as a highly-cited author by the ISI Web of Knowledge, representing the top 1/2 of 1 percent of publishing scientists. He received the Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award (the Humboldt Prize) in 1995, the highest honor given by the German government to foreign scientists. In 2010 he was elected to the Leopoldina – the German National Academy of Science, the longest continuing academy in the world. Dr. Page is also an Elected Foreign Member of the Brazilian Academy of Science (1999), a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (1991), Elected Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (2006), and a Fellow of the Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin (2009-2010).

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