felix hol
Research Fellow
Biophysicist. Mosquito hunter. Animal behavior. Curious about many things.
felix's Bio

Felix received his PhD in Biophysics from Delft University of Technology (the Netherlands) using microfabrication to study spatial aspects of bacterial cooperation, colonization, and competition working with Cees Dekker and Juan Keymer. After defending his PhD, he had a short postdoc position joint between the labs of George Whitesides (Harvard University) and Cees Dekker (Delft). Subsequently, he changed his focus from bacteria to mosquitoes and moved to Stanford University to work with Manu Prakash on several problems related to mosquito ecology and viral evolution, first as a Rubicon fellow and later as a BWF CASI fellow. Felix currently is a Marie Curie fellow at the Insect-Virus Interactions Unit at Institut Pasteur working with Louis Lambrechts, and starting as a long-term fellow at CRI. He develops new technologies to study mosquito biology and leverages these tools to understand the internal and external drivers of mosquito behaviors that are relevant to pathogen transmission.

Bites, Blood & Behavior
Understanding mosquito blood-feeding behavior
Counting Mosquito Eggs using Computer Vision
To accurately determine the number of deposited eggs in an image of an 'egg paper'