anshu bhardwaj
Long term fellow
I did Masters in Biotech followed by Ph.D. in Life Sciences (Comp bio) at Centre for Cellular & Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India, in 2008. I then served as one of the founding PIs for Open Source Drug Discovery Project where I conceived & developed protocols for crowdsourcing drug discovery. I enjoy working with anyone who has interest in addressing public health challenges. I have a large network on students (who I call SciTechtives) with whom I co-develop tools for data analysis.
Anshu's Bio

My primary research interest is to develop tools to address antimicrobial resistance (AMR). In CRI, I shall be working on genomic signatures to identify priority pathogens. In addition, I am also developing a gaming app for creating awareness on AMR. Both these objectives align with the Global Action Plan on AMR. For the project, I will utilize my experience in crowdsourcing, functional & comparative genomics & computational drug discovery and the wonderful ecosystem of CRI.

I served as an Associate Scientific Advisor to Science Translational Medicine in 2014 and am on the Editorial Board of Frontiers in Systems Biology and Journal of Genetics. In addition, I was selected as one of the four Young Innovators in India by the United National Development Program (UNDP). Also selected for the International Visitor Leadership Program by the US State Department. Recently, I received the Newton-Bhabha Fund from the British Council and the Royal Society of Chemistry, UK, and SERB Early Career Research Award by SERB, India. Till date, I have delivered over 150 talks at national and international platforms. I describe myself as a people's person, I like interacting with individuals from different research and subject interests and believe in team building.

Biomarkers of social interactions
Mapping the link between hormones, stress and social networks.
Genomic signatures to identify non-tubercular Mycobacterial species
Genomic signatures to identify non-tubercular Mycobacterial species
Open AMR Awareness Drive
We raise awareness on antimicrobial resistance through games, videos, events, ...